About us

  •  The business is a registered company: Kewben Pty Ltd, ACN 133 595 552, trading as Greenhouse International ABN 32474204312.
  • C-tick registration N30369. All our products have passed the relevant safety standards and comply with electrical standards of Australia. We also have SAA certification on most products and power factors as high as 0.99 (SAA standards >0,84)
  • Certified member of SEA, Sustainable Energy Association of Australia
  • Winner of Small Business Award 2013, overall judges award for environmental, energy efficiency and innovation.
  • Our business is all about making savings for consumers and saving the environment.
  • Over time, all our products will save consumers money, in some cases the time to recover costs can be less than 2 months, and make positive returns for 3 -10 years.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly. Not only do they save up to 90% in energy consumption, they also utilise no harmful metals or gasses. The mercury from one fluorescent tube can contaminate as much as 2000 litres of ground water. We educate and provide alternatives that not only save consumers but save the environment. One LED bulb can replace as many as 40 normal bulbs, and as many as 10 CFL or fluorescent tubes. We have already sold over 5000 fluorescent replacements, which will not only save up to 2000KW/day which is almost 500 tons of CO¬≤/year, but this will replace about 20000 tubes being dumped, which could save up to 40 million litres of contaminated ground water. We have alternative products for over 90% of fluorescent tubes and CFL’s and are working on finding solutions for the remaining 10%.
  • We have a battery charger that charges normal alkaline batteries. One recharged battery can replace up to 15 new batteries making a huge contribution to preventing toxic landfills. 
  • We are passionate about energy management and its environmental impact and sponsored the Belmont BEC 2014 Small Business Environmental Award.


Contact us:

Showroom and Warehouse: Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia

Unit 5, 1 Locke Lane, Ellenbrook, 6069 

Next to United Petrol, access from Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook, Western Australia 

Hours: 8:30-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday or by appointment

Telephone: 08 9297 2969 

Email: craig@greenhouseint.net